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Welcome to the Recruitment page of Department of Conservation  at SPA Bhopal. 

The institute established its Department of Conservation in August , 2013 with its Master of Architecture (M. Arch) programme. The Department of Conservation offers a two year full-time Master’s Degree programme. 

The programme shall fulfill the charter of SPA Bhopal  towards imparting quality education inclusive of  environmental, social and cultural sustenance. It shall build a comprehensive database of India through  research and documentation.

Subjects from different disciplines are structured along four semesters, with a part to whole approach. Conservation practice requires a professional with skills towards interpretation of heritage values;maintenance and management of heritage; process and knowledge of historic buildings; and knows how to use technological advancements and expertise for its conservation. Hence the programme is devised to train the student towards theory and philosophies in conservation; process and techniques necessary for maintenance and management of heritage; appropriate use of standards in practice; informed decision -making and application of acquired skills and techniques. With new intakes from allied fields, the students of the department shall foster interdisciplinary thinking and multidisciplinary interactions. This shall strengthen the profession a long way.

Training and Placements (T&P) Cell at SPA Bhopal facilitates the Training and Recruitment process. 

Training Calendar 

The calendar for Industry Training remains same each year, being a part of the academic activities. 

Placement Calendar

The Placement Calendar is flexible. We endeavor to accommodate as per the Industry requirements.   

Industry members are encouraged to contact the Design Department or T&P Cell to explore various possibilities for collaboration. 

To initiate the recruitment process, please fill the Job Announcement Form.

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List of  companies where our students work: