Master of Architecture (Conservation)

Conservation practice requires a professional with skills towards interpretation of heritage values; maintenance and management of heritage; process and knowledge of historic buildings; and knows how to use technological advancements and expertise for its conservation. SPA Bhopal imparts conservation education to  meet the increasing demand of Conservation professionals in India. It has an expertise of training Architects in conservation, since 2013. Hence the programme is devised to train the student towards theory and philosophies in conservation; process and techniques necessary for maintenance and management of heritage; appropriate use of standards in practice; informed decision -making and application of acquired skills and techniques.With new intakes from allied fields, the students of the department shall foster interdisciplinary thinking and multidisciplinary interactions. This shall strengthen the profession a long way.  

The Master of Architecture(Conservation) Degree programme is offered for a duration of two years and consisting of four academic semesters with six to eight weeks of compulsory Industry internship between two years at the School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal. 

The programme shall fulfill the charter of SPA Bhopal  towards imparting quality education inclusive of  environmental, social and cultural sustenance. It shall build a comprehensive database of India through research and documentation. The Conservation Programme aims at developing appropriate management and technical skills for conservation practice in multidisciplinary environments. Thus the trained professionals of this programme shall provide leadership in the conservation profession.  

 Featured Projects

Ashapuri Group of Temples, Madhya Pradesh


Source: Temples of Ashapuri  - Cardiff University Research

As part of the Ashapuri temple project, under the Guidance of Prof. Adam Hardy,  the students of Conservation 2013 - 2015 batch went to a survey and research of temples built in the contemporary period of 8th to 11th century in central India. The students worked under the guidance of Professor Hardy, measuring and photographing the temples. This study helped to understand the missing components of the temples and also understand chronological development of the temples at Ashapuri.

Re-Discovering Heritage of Sehore

Presentation of Sehore study to District Collector

Revitalization of Chola Temple Town

Documentation of Heritage of Chola Kingdom Under ICHR

Studio Site Visits

Gauhar Mahal, & Kirniwala Maidan,Bhopal

Historic Core of Sehore Town

Chola Temples of Tamil Nadu